Each Spring and Autumn the Minnesota Wing of the CAF holds a dance in their WWII vintage hangar. It's a celebration of the music and dress of the forties.
Some folks go all the way and dress the part to a T.
And others come dressed to. . .
. . .an X?

Everybody is welcome
at our hangar dances.
Kids are welcome too.
"Clear prop, Daddy?"
For those who need to tune up their dancing skills we start the evening with lessons.
It never hurts to do
a little warm-up, especially if it's
chilly outside.
We have a snack cart. . .
. . .and great hot food available.
We serve beer, wine and wine coolers as well as pop and coffee.
The Roseville Big Band plays all the forties favorites.
So rain or shine we're ready for the dance to begin.
Let the juke joint jump!
Dancing must be good for you, this guy seems to get younger every year.
Later in the evening there is a promenade where everyone in costume gets to strut their stuff and prizes are awarded.
My favorite event of the night is when they fire up the Miss Mitchell, and I mean fire up, blue flames can be seen coming from the exhaust pipes of her giant radial engines, they put up quite a roar. All in all a good time was had by all!