Families come to the Wings of Freedom Air Show for many reasons-
To meet their heroes.
To look at the displays.
To see the remote-control planes.
And to see the real planes, of course.
But when it comes right down to it, . . .
. . . or up to it, . . .
. . .it's all about the thrill of flight, it's all about the fun!
Darrel Massman in his custom built Panzl 330 wowed the crowd with his aerobatic skills.
And so did John Klatt in his Staudacher S-300D.
Clay Adams and his 1929 Travel Air 4000 took up passengers to see the beautiful landscape around Red Wing Airport.
Julie Clark flies over the Red Wing airport in her T-34.
It was a beautiful weekend for flying. . .
. . . except for a treacherous crosswind. It made landings a challenge for all of the taildragger pilots, including Paul Ehlen in his P-51, Little Horse.
Joe Dooley, the Flying Irishman, and his Pitts Special made a low pass over the field as part of his aerobactic performance.
There were many warbirds in attendance, including this T-28, lifting off the runway.
The T-6 Thunder - North American Flight Team weaved back and forth up the taxiway, (so they can see where they are going) after their formation flying exhibition.
The original AT-6 and the brand new TA-6 were presented courtesy of the USAF.
The Minnesota State Patrol brought in one of their helicopters to display all weekend.
The Minnesota Wing of the Commemorative Air Force produced this wonderful air show. Their own Miss Mitchell, a B-25 bomber, was a majestic part of the show. Here it is, making a landing above Barry Hammarback's Piaggio Royal Gull amphibian aircraft along with many other planes that were displayed. The Miss Mitchell has her own web site now! You can find out about getting a ride in this historic warbird by clicking on the logo below.
Doug Rozendaal and his F1 QB, from Team Rocket, soars above the wetlands near Red Wing.
There were many volunteers, including this group of Boy Scouts, who were instrumental in getting the air show off the ground. You can see more pictures of the volunteers by clicking here.
All-in-all it was a great air show, and a great salute to the veterans.
And, it was fun!

(Click on the pictures to see the shows)