Premier aerobatics pilot, Julie Clark, and her modified T-34 Mentor, took time out from thrilling the air show crowd for a placid soar above the verdant green backwaters of the Mississippi Riverway, near Red Wing, Minnesota.
Maker: Beechcraft
Powerplant: One 225-hp. Continental O-470-4 flat-six piston engine
Initial Rate of Climb: SL 1,000 fpm.
Range: 770 miles, Service Ceiling: 20,000 feet
Wing Span: 32ft. 8in. - Length: 25ft. 3in. - Height: 9ft. 6in.
Weight Maximum: 2,950 lb.
Maximum Speed: 188 mph.
Crew: Julie and Bernie
The T-34, in various models, eventually replaced the T-28 as the Air Force's basic trainer and is now being replaced by the TA-6.
Julie Clark and cameraship pilot, pal, and fellow Northwest Airlines captain, Tim Barzen.
CAF Col. Bryan Darnell got this great shot of cameraship and subject making a section take-off. The cameraship is the MNCAF's Harvard (T-6).