MaxAir2Air Pictures presents:
Walt flies his T-28 with the Trojan Horseman T-28 Aerobatic Formation Demonstration Team.
The T-28 started out its career simply as a replacement for the AT-6 trainer but it ended up seeing combat in Vietnam as a carrier-borne counter-insurgency aircraft. That is, until two planes ripped their wings off in the heat of battle.
Maker: North American
Powerplant: 1,425hp Wright Cyclone R-1820-86 radial piston engine
Maximum Speed: 343 mph
Wing Span: 40ft 1 inch - Length: 33 ft - Height: 12 ft 8 in
Range: 1,060 miles
Weight Maximum: 8,500 lb.
Service Ceiling: 35,500 feet
Flying with the Harvard Mk (AT-6) flown by Tim Barzen and the P-51D Mustang Little Horse flown by Paul Ehlen
Crew: 2