Pictures by Max Haynes
The B25J "Miss Mitchell" served in the 310th Bomb Group, 57th Bomb Wing of the 12th Air Force in North Africa & Italy completing over 130 missions. Its legacy of no crew fatalities during all of its missions was a rare accomplishment.
B-25 Specs:
Manufacturer: North American Aviation
The nose of the Miss Mitchell is that of a B-25 configured for bombing runs. The glass windows provide a spectacular view of the sky and land below.
The famous Norden bombsight was a closely guarded secret during the war. Security was so tight that the bombardier would remove the sight after each mission and keep it next to his bunk. Looking through the eyepiece of the sight gives you the chills as you imagine the scene above enemy territory during the war.
Bomb Load: 4000 pounds.
The pilots of the Miss Mitchell train on a regular basis to qualify to fly the airplane. The plane flies all across the country each summer to various events and air shows including a trip out to Mystic, CT to attend the Doolittle Raiders Reunion this past April.
Before the engines are fired up the crew must pull the prop through several revolutions to ensure a proper start.
Ceiling: 24,000 feet.
The view from the tail gunner's position is also a great spot for anyone who prefers the window seat over the aisle.
Engine: Two 1,700hp Wright R-2600
Armament: Seven 50 cal. machine guns
Range: 1,350 miles
Keeping the bombardier company was a 50 cal. machine gun. Later models of the airplane replaced the glass windows and mounted more machine guns in the nose. These were controlled by the pilots and were used for strafing runs.
Flight Mechanic Larry Utter expresses a common theme among our B-25 crewmen-
"What more could anyone ask for!"
Number Built: Over 9,000, approximately 30 remain.
Speed: 272 mph
Crew: 5 Shown are flight mechanic Larry Utter, Brad Pass flying in the copilot's position and Terrel Stern on the left side of the plane in the pilot's position.
The Miss Mitchell flies past the sun on a run up to Duluth to visit the Lake Superior Detachment 101 of the Minnesota Wing of the Commemorative Air Force. The MN Wing's Harvard was used as a camera-ship and was flown by Tim Barzen for photographer Max Haynes
Crewman Dave Gerkhe peers through the escape hatch in the side of the plane. This hatch was used only for emergencies once the plane was on the ground. Hatches in the bottom of the plane were used during flight.
Pilot Tim Jackson peers out at the photographer during a take-off from Fleming Field in South Saint Paul, the home base of the Miss Mitchell.
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