Midland Texas, September 28th - October 2nd
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Carter Teeters in the Polikarpov I-16
Sam Mangrum with the B-29/B-24 Squadron
SSGT Durrel Weldon
Most of the Line Crew
Alan Kelly, Crew Chief on the P-51 "Gunfighter"
Ben Cox, Crew Chief for the Shackleton
Vladimer Yastremski, Crew Chief of the Polikarpov
Bear Barricklow, Crew Chief for the P-40 Warhawk
Bob Rice and Ollie Crawford
Wade Castelanos, Crew Chief of "Devil Dog"
Beth Jenkins, pilot of the B-25 "Devil Dog" of the Devil Dog Squadron.
Tom Dutton of the Rocky Mountain Wing.
Duck and the S2F Tracker from the Old Dominion Squadron.
Rick Sowder, Crew Chief and Co-pilot
Gary Austin, Crew Chief for the B-29 "Fifi"
A golden moment . . .
Ladd Gardner
Mark Schmidt, Crew Chief from the Dixie Wing.
The PX Crew from the Minnesota Wing- Jerry Dick, Leslie Pahre, Fred Sangster, Karen Sangster, Carl Smith, Linda Stern, Gordon Pahre and Kent Smith.
John Varley, a Crew Chief from the Inland Empire Wing.
Bryan Darnell, Pete Scholl, Kurt Koukkari and John Beyl from the Minnesota Wing except Pete, a Minnesotan who belongs to the Utah and Arizona Wings. . . ?
Photographer's Row