Midland Texas, September 28th - October 2nd
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Early Saturday morning I scrambled out to the airport for another great opportunity. This one came from meeting Pat Wilson at the Officer's Club the night before. She paved the way, with a little help from Mark Schmidt and the Dixie Wing's Wing Leader, so that I could ride in the back of the P-51 "Red Nose" along side the P-51 "Gunfighter"!
This was a spectacular opportunity made possible because the two airplanes were going up to be photographed by Scott Slocum of
Auto Pilot Magazine. We headed out before the sun was even up.
After Scott got the shots he needed, Brig. Gen. Reg Urchler, flying Gunfighter, put on a show for my camera and I got some great shots for my book.
Stan Musick, flying Red Nose, flew a smooth course through the sky and treated me to a roll before a perfect touch down back at the field. The Mustang is a smooth flying bird.
Red Nose and Gunfighter flying close formation.
Later that morning (ret.) Brig. General Urchler gave a talk to the new members of the CAF who would be inducted into the organization in a ceremony to follow.

We were treated to a few "there I was" type stories which thrilled the crowd.
At the induction ceremony we were honored to be inducted by none other than Tex Hill, a famous aviator from WWII who flew with the Flying Tigers.
And then Fina-CAF Airsho '05 finally got started. Larry Utter, crew chief of the B-25 Miss Mitchell held up the flag as they taxied out to perform in the show. The Miss Mitchell is operated by the Minnesota Wing.
First up were some spectacular aerobatics by Jan Colmer in the FINA Extra 300L and
Randy Henderson in the Texas T-Cart.
This is Big Panda, an AN-2 Colt, the largest biplane flying today. It's operated by the Third Pursuit Squadron.
The A-26 Invader Miss Liberty flew by a huge cloud of smoke provided by the Blastards.
The B-25 Devil Dog, taxies by as pilot Beth gives the crowd a wave.
The Grumman F-8F-2 Bearcat operated by the Southern California Wing taxies out to join the show.
The C-47 Skytrain operated by the Highland Lakes Squadron makes a low pass.
The unmistakable Corsair!
This one is owned by the Lone Star Flight Museum.