Ollie Crawford's Farewell Flight
images by Max Haynes - MaxAir2Air.com
Col. Ollie Crawford, who has flown the CAF's P-40 for the past 20 years, bid a fond farewell to the airplane at this year's CAF Airsho.

Here he looks on as another pilot puts the P-40 through its paces.
Crew Chief Bear Barricklow has been working on this P-40 for about as long as Ollie has been flying it, about 20 years. Where the plane will end up and whether Bear will continue to be it's crew chief is uncertain at this time.
Ollie Crawford and his long-time crew chief Bear Barricklow keep a watchful eye on their old friend as it taxies in.
The P-40 will fly again! Kent Holiday has picked up sponsorship of the plane.
Col. Crawford will remain active in the CAF and in the Air Force Association.
It was a real honor to be there to witness the event.
Crawford has been flying P-40 Warhawks since shortly before WWII ended. He was the last WWII Warhawk pilot to still fly in air shows.
Returning to the field, Crawford and the Warhawk are treated to the traditional hose down.
Pilot Crawford was going to retire from flying the P-40 this summer but agreed to one last performance at this year's CAF Airsho 2005 to the delight of everyone present.
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