Pictures and text by Max Haynes
Ever wonder what it's like to go upside down in an airplane. . .on purpose? Scroll to the right to see a roll's progression. Scroll down to read about it and see more views.
Scroll back to the left and down to see the rest of the presentation.
Pilot Tim Barzen can't do rolls on his day job, he's a pilot for Northwest Airlines. His training in aerobatics comes from his days as a Navy fighter pilot instructor.
Max On A Roll
This is the perspective of the experience you have in the plane, the earth rolls around you. Done right, the roll is a 1 "G" experience, meaning everything stays in place, no floating cameras and no drop in your stomach like you get in a roller coaster. In combat, a roll is a great way to lose altitude without going into a dive.

(This will work better if you have a fast connection to the Internet and best in the Safari browser but the idea is that you move your mouse over the bars and I will make a complete fool of myself before your eyes. It may be slow at first but once the images are all loaded you can make it roll nicely. Try it backwards too.)
Roll it, take two
Here are the same images only from the perspective of someone standing on solid ground