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Slow down,
float along,
take a breath.
If you are reading this, you probably love aviation in many forms-- the sheer thrill of flight, the mechanics, the history, the procedures, the dynamic laws of physics, the people involved, the beautiful forms of flying machines, or one of a hundred other aspects of flight. One that sometimes gets overlooked is just the sheer joy of looking out the window.

Airline pilot Leo Correa Luna is both a skilled a pilot and passionate photographer and I admire many of his images. For this essay of his work, I wanted to focus on one series of images.
In Leo's words--
"This sequence was taken on a night flight to Kuala Lumpur, the take off from Shenzhen, China was at 9 PM, landing at 7 AM…just 2 pilots and crew on a long flight that most pilots hate, except me. I used to request to do the flight just to catch the wonderful sunrises! The glass of most airliners is a triple pane, and the angle of the glass usually affects the definition of the photo quite a bit. I don´t know why, in some conditions, with the same settings, sometimes the photos are not sharp at all and sometimes they are great, this was one of those great days!"