It won't be too much longer before the engines are mounted. The critical thing is now the propellers. As quoted from Dec. 2008 EAA Warbirds magazine--Pat Harker states 'Right now I am looking for both right-hand & left-hand propellers for this project. Unfortunately there is no way to use the standard P-51D Mustang Propellers because the P-82 props are counter-rotating, full-feathering propellers. These propellers resemble those used on the F8F Bearcat or Skyraider, but internally they use different parts."
Elsewhere in the article, Pat ID's them as Aeroproducts ID # AL542.
Also, Pat is looking for the brakes - Goodyear 32x8.8 wheel with 3 pucks in the rotor..."unique to the Twin Mustang, especially to the E model".
IIRC, the CAF P-82 needs propellers as well.
If you have any of these parts, call Pat @ 763-783-5934.