The Reno National Air Racing Championships is a big event
with many fascinating elements. I've broken up my coverage into five photo essays
that are appearing throughout the year. Enjoy!
Pictures by Max Haynes
Coverage of John Lohmar's T-6 racer-- Radial Velocity.
A behind-the-scenes look at the pumped up world of high-performance raceplanes, and skilled crews who love them.
Speed, it's the name of the game.
Publication Date: this summer 09
A general overview of the event from the perspective of a first time viewer.
A detour from the
typical view of the races.
Publication Date: This summer 09
Pictures of the Sawbones Team in action! Click the image.
An air-to-air mission with the
Hawker Sea Fury Sawbones
flown by Ray Dieckman.
Click the image.
Handy Link: All Aviation Flightline Online - Reno Race News and Pictures