Here's Dave Major's tale of how he came to own the vehicle:
"Back in the 1960s a 1957 BMW Isetta body was mounted on a frame with a 190 horsepower Lycoming 6 cylinder aircraft engine in the rear. A 6-foot-diameter wood airboat pusher prop was added and with 3 skis attached it was off to race on the frozen lakes of Northern Michigan.
I don't know much about the builder except that he was an Army man who loved to go fast. The story passed on to me was that he drove this contraption to around 125 mph on the ice. He was transferred to Fort Riley in Kansas & brought his racing Isetta with him. It just doesn't get cold enough in Kansas to freeze the lakes very often so his snow plane just sat around. He ended up putting it in his garage sale and a Junction City, KS car dealer bought it. The owner of Del Motors parked it behind his storage building & there it sat outside for almost 14 years.
Texan Roy Murphy had attended high school with the car dealer and saw the machine overgrown with weeds on a visit to Junction City in 2002.  A deal was struck and off went the neglected Isetta to Ft. Worth. Roy tried his best to get the 435 cubic inch airplane engine started but the elements had done a lot of damage. He did show it at several car shows including the Micro & Mini Car National Meet near Dallas in 2004.  Roy made several improvements but his declining health prevented him from restoring the Isetta.
I met Roy at a car show in Dallas around 2002, and asked him to give me a call if he ever wanted to sell his crazy car. I got that call in January of 2006 and Roy delivered the vehicle to my house in Benton, Kansas.
This was indeed a restoration challenge, but by April I had it running like new. I live on a private airstrip and  was able to taxi it around and fine-tune the big Lycoming engine.  The body still needs a lot of work, but I am making progress.